Your wood export service.

M&N American Woods is California-based international North American wood export services firm providing hands-on export and import services for wood product manufacturers and log and lumber suppliers.

Our services extend across the globe and include partners in North America and the Asia Pacific region. Our suppliers include log and lumber mills throughout the United States. Our principal clients are large wood product facilities in far East Asia.

We invite you to contact us for logs, lumber and veneer sales and purchasing.

We deal in the following wood products:

Black Walnut Logs and Lumber
Red Oak Logs and Lumber
White Oak Logs and Lumber
Cherry Logs and Lumber
Hard Maple Logs and Lumber
Soft Maple Logs and Lumber
Ash Logs and Lumber
Basswood Logs and Lumber
Beech Logs and Lumber
Yellow Poplar Logs and Lumber
Aromatic Red Cedar Logs/Lumber