M&N Supplies American Hardwood Species

America's forests grow hundreds of varieties of hardwood trees that thrive in this country's temperate climates. These varieties, or species, include oak, ash, cherry, maple and poplar.

All the commercially available U.S. hardwoods are crafted into furniture, cabinetry, woodwork and built-ins. It's simply a matter of taste, preference and availability.

Certain hardwood species aren't recommended for flooring because they're not hard enough to withstand heavy wear and tear.

We are able to provide veneer and saw logs in the following grades: 0,1,2,3,4 Side Clear; 8 feet and longer.

We provide lumber with dimensions and grades that fall within the standards set by the NHLA. The most common dimensions and grades are the following: 4/4;5/4;6/4;8/4;10/4;12/4; FAS, #1Com, #2Com.

log saw patterns

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We provide comprehensive export services and offer a variety of payment terms. Contact us now for a quote on currenty available inventory.

We deal in the following wood products:

Black Walnut Logs and Lumber
Red Oak Logs and Lumber
White Oak Logs and Lumber
Cherry Logs and Lumber
Hard Maple Logs and Lumber
Ash Logs and Lumber
Basswood Logs and Lumber
Beech Logs and Lumber
Yellow Poplar Logs and Lumber
Aromatic Red Cedar Logs/Lumber