M&N Understands your Manufacturing Needs

M&N American Woods provides a variety of North American hardwood such as black walnut, red oak, white oak, white ash, hackberry, pecan, sycamore, soft maple, hard maple, and others that are found in the United States. All lumber is carefully cut on 7' bandsaws. The lumber is well edged and double end trimmed to a specific length. The lumber is then transferred into specialized steam vats where it undergoes a proper steaming process. The lumber is then uniformly stacked. The lumber is then carefully loaded into cross circulation package dry kilns that have a capacity of more than 800,000 board feet.
After undergoing a kiln drying process, where the wood is dried to a moisture content of 6%-8%, it is then equalized and conditioned and inspected by our certified lumber grader in accordance with the National Hardwood Lumber Association rules and guidelines. We then print a computerized piece tally that is attached to every unit. This piece tally contains the number of pieces, the width in inches, and the length in feet of every board in the unit. This package is then ready for shipment via flatbed, container, van, or railcar. In the end, our efforts remove the difficulties associated with international trade.

Additional services available for lumber processing include the following:

  • surfacing logs
  • straight line ripping
  • resawing
  • special length sorting
  • special color/grain sorting
  • end painting
  • special logo and
  • export packaging